Child & Youth

Are you struggling with your child’s behaviours, or are they experiencing mental health or substance use symptoms? Have you ever felt like “this is beyond my ability to help”?

Nothing is more distressing than seeing your child struggle and feeling like you don’t know what to do.

I have completed Advanced Emotional Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) training and have the resources to help you, help your kid. You might be thinking “but wait, like you just said, my kid’s symptoms are beyond my abilities- I need an expert”. Traditional child and youth models would agree with you, but EFFT takes a different approach.

EFFT believes that your connection to your child is far more powerful than a counsellor who will meet with your child once a week. My approach to supporting children and youth is to provide you as parents the skills and tools to help your child. I take a coaching position with you, giving you the tools to create change, supporting you with the emotional process along the way. And if needed, I’ll meet with your kid too.

NOTE: Child & Youth Parent Coaching and Family Counselling can be done with one or more parent of children at any developmental stage of life (young children, teenagers, adult children)

Here’s a little video that speaks more to EFFT and why I want to involve you, the parent/caregiver.