Welcome. My site is currently being updated! Stay tuned for services being offered starting Spring 2023!

I have always been interested in the emotional process driving the human experience and have come to appreciate the impact our relationships have on our well-being. Since becoming a parent, I have become even more interested in how this applies to parenting and specialize in three areas:

  • Couples
  • Parent(s) in their relationship with each other (even if you are not together)
  • Parent(s) with their children from infancy to adulthood

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Registered Social Worker. I offer counselling services to families, couples, parents and individuals that provides opportunity to notice, reflect and make room for other possibilities. I will work collaboratively with you to examine areas where change is possible. I have a great appreciation and curiosity for the journey you have been on and feel privileged to be invited into your world.

Area of Specialization: Relationships