Welcome to my new space

Exciting times at Kathy Kutzer Counselling. Over the last few months I've been transfering my practice to a home based office and I'm so excited that it's official. I'll still be offering mid week appointments after 5:00 but will have a bit more flexibility. Here's a peek into what my new space looks like.

I’m moving!!!

I've been slowly shifting my private practice to a new space and am so excited to share a few photos. It's not totally finalized yet but it's coming along perfectly. I'll still be located in Nanaimo just in a space that's all mine!

Blog Pause

I just wanted to put a little note out there that I am still open for business, I am just prioritizing preparing for my wedding over blogging!! I will be back in blogging action come April 2019! In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out!